School of Code​​


Our Mission

At School of Code, we strive to provide the best coding lessons to the most people possible. As a non-profit organization we strive to provide education and teaching where, in normal circumstances, people wouldn't have the opportunity to learn to code. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn to code, especially in an electronic-focused world. Simple as that.

Meet the Team​​

Nishant Wangneo

My name is Nishant Wangneo. I am the founder of the company School of Code.  I go to Wilton High School , CT and am a junior. I topped my AP Computer Science course and scored a perfect score in the AP exam in my Sophmore year. I am a passionate coder since my elementary school years and continued this passion through middle and high school. I have been teaching these classes for two years now, but with the creation of this non-profit company , I am able to expand my learning base and continue my endeavor